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Incoming Exchange Student

Contact Auburn Abroad ( to receive application instructions. If you have already begun an application, refer to the Incoming Exchange Student login assistance page.

Non-Auburn Student Applicant

Specific Auburn Abroad programs are open to non-Auburn (transient) student applicants. As a transient student, you will not be able to log in to the Auburn Abroad Online Application system until you are added as a user by the Auburn Abroad staff.

Due to the increased amount of time that it takes to process all transient student applications from start to finish, transient students must begin the following process no later than one month prior to program application deadlines (Sept 15 for Spring, Feb 28 for Summer, Mar 30 for Fall) or we cannot accept your application for Auburn Abroad.

To get started, download a copy of the TransientStudentApplicationInstructions.pdf

In order to apply to an Auburn Abroad Program, transient students must:

  • Contact the Faculty Director of the Auburn Abroad Program to inform them of your interest and collect any program specific information that you may need.

  • Apply to Auburn University as a Transient Student

  • Apply to the specific Auburn Abroad Program